Our employee benefits

360° my world involves fulfilling tasks and a stimulating environment. What’s more, as a socially responsible employer, SRG offers its employees a fair and complete package made up of many additional benefits. (*The standard benefits are for employees with a CEA; the benefits for conditions of employment may vary.)

Working hours

The weekly working hours for a full-time position at SWI swissinfo.ch are 40 hours. Employees work in an annual working time model.

Work Smart

SWI swissinfo.ch supports and promotes mobile, flexible and location-independent working, so employees can customise and organise their work flexibly where possible. This requires personal responsibility and also boosts quality of life, creativity, productivity and innovation. SRG is the co-founder and partner of the Work Smart initiative.

Part-time work

Part-time work is generally possible at SWI swissinfo.ch and is actively encouraged, even for senior staff. Over half of SWI employees work part-time.

Family and career

SWI swissinfo.ch employees are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave or 2 weeks of paternity leave.


In general, employees can apply for contributions towards extra-familial childcare for their children.

The SRG set up a new national Diversity Board in 2020, which leads on the way to more diversity and more inclusive working conditions. The Diversity Board defines diversity and inclusion comprehensively: all employees should be able to work equally - regardless of personal characteristics such as gender, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, impairment or life models.

Our remuneration is needs-based, performance-based and market-based. For employees on a monthly salary, there is generally the option to partially or fully convert the 13th month’s salary into holiday.

Our employees are our most important success factor, so we offer targeted training and development courses, job enrichment and internal exchange programmes to help our employees to advance and develop.

SRG from another perspective

The internal exchange programme at SWI swissinfo.ch allows our employees to discover our Enterprise Units from a new perspective – whether in another department or another language area.

Internal recruitment for managerial roles

We like to promote our employees, so we fill management vacancies internally if possible. 


SWI swissinfo.ch employees are covered for retirement benefits by a pension fund. They are also insured against accidents and benefit from continued pay in case of sickness.

Occupational health management

SWI swissinfo.ch attaches great importance to occupational safety and protects the health of its employees. Supported by professional occupational health management, SWI offers a wide range of activities and services, some of which have been developed in partnership with regional healthcare commissions and sports Clubs.


Our employees can exercise together in our sports club and keep fit outside of their working hours in our very own gym.

SWI swissinfo.ch offers numerous discounts and preferential rates via the platforms of commercial suppliers.


SWI swissinfo.ch provides catering facilities in the form of a canteen for its employees.

(* Die Standardleistungen gelten für Mitarbeitende mit GAV; die Leistungen bei individuellen Anstellungsbedingungen können davon abweichen.)

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