Our promise

None of us is here just to work – we are here because we belong here. It is a world that suits us because it encourages and fulfils us. It is a world we love.

We manage the entire supply chain of our services and therefore have a variety of different jobs to offer. Thanks to modern tools and editorial freedom, we are developing journalism that combines creativity with quality: this is where we create media.

Award winners

The various awards we have won for our wide-ranging in-house and sports productions attest to the quality of our work. A global network of correspondents ensures that our reporting is independent.


We offer multimedia services on the radio, TV and Internet. This allows us to take on all kinds of challenging tasks. We develop as a company every day and aspire to achieve the highest levels of professionalism in all media formats.

Developmental space

As a non-profit media company, we are able to offer our employees room to spread their wings and opportunities to be creative so they can develop new formats.

It would be difficult to find such a diverse range of jobs combined with such high quality and attractive conditions at any other company in Switzerland – or the rest of the world for that matter.

The services we offer reach the whole of Switzerland. We develop attractive and varied formats that speak to people and move them.

All channels

Our viewers, listeners and readers benefit from attractive digital products – from apps, interactive productions, the SRG player and web-only formats to the strong presence of our successful formats in social media.

By creating digital content in a proactive way, we are moving closer to our audience. 

The future

We are actively developing the media landscape of the future and making the most of the opportunities that digitalisation brings. For this reason, we are investing extensively in further training for our employees and managers.

We offer all the conditions that are needed to promote talent and to provide junior journalists with full training. Our training in three different media, which is unique in Switzerland and enjoys a first-class reputation, is just one example of this.

We give our employees responsibility in projects early on and promote exchange programmes and the use of modern tools.

We attach great importance to an environment where interpersonal skills and collegial interaction are very much to the fore – both within the team and when communicating with managers.

Complete package

The terms of employment and working conditions form a complete package that is both fair and in line with the market. Our employees benefit from flexible working time models, good infrastructure, offers to promote health and much more.

Our focus on equality and counselling services for employees going through emergencies show that we are a responsible employer.


A comfortable and open work environment is the obvious choice for us. This is what our employees experience every day and they support each other. We all communicate with one another, transcending national and linguistic borders and breaking down barriers in the process. It goes without saying that we are a multilingual company.

We combine the advantages of a strong public company with the attractive qualities of a large media business. In our world, we find work satisfying and feel closely connected to our company.

The services we offer reach the whole of Switzerland. We develop attractive and varied formats that speak to people and move them.

For everyone

Our varied range of services in four languages has something for everyone while at the same time representing the distinct regional features of the different parts of Switzerland.


We value high-quality information and entertainment. As we have an obligation to the general public, we are committed to the highest standards of journalism. Studies confirm our autonomy time and again.

Forming opinions

We have a mandate to educate and integrate. As a corporation funded by licence fees, we can serve all target groups without striving purely to achieve quotas and commercial success.

This allows us to be thorough in our work while also addressing relevant niche and minority issues. We live and breathe high-quality journalism in all of its facets every day and share this with others.

This makes us proud and we are glad to take on the responsibility that comes with it.